Our Story

Queens For A Day

It started out as a joke, and then it was real. A girlfriend of ours needed help planning a bachelorette party. The consensus was strippers were out of the question. We all suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stripper Disorder) at some point or another, with the awkward photos and horror anecdotes to prove it.

That’s when we realized male strippers are hand me down fantasies from men. So we asked ourselves, “What do we really want?” And in a true music video daydream sequence during work breaks, we realized we wanted ManServants—sent to treat women like queens, with the assured promise of keeping their tuxedo’s on.

We realized our dream men only existed in fiction (or way back in the days of Queen Victoria), and it was up to us to bring them to existence.

ManServants isn’t about what men think women want, or women acting like or objectifying men—it’s the fantasy of finally getting the royal treatment. It’s about adoration, not domination. And adoration is always better with an audience of your closest friends.

We believe chivalry is cool, as long as done with emotional intelligence. We believe playful role reversal can be enlightening, and fun for both parties. We believe there’s always an occasion to have an extra sexy pair of hands. We believe ladies should get what they truly want, not just the only option available to them.

The Ladies of ManServants

Meet The Ladies Of ManServants

  Josephine Wai Lin | CEO & Co-Founder

My ManServant speaks to me in 90’s r&b lyrics exclusively.

Dalal Khajah | CCO & Co-Founder

My ManServant acts as a human force field of outside stress.

Annie Pariseau | Head of Client Experience

 My ManServant would do yoga with me after he helps me shotgun a beer.


Megan Kent | VP, Brand Partnerships

My ManServant would give silent rounds of applause after I speak in meetings.

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