Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About The Service

What precautions are ManServants taking to protect clients and themselves during the pandemic? 

Your safety and well-being is our number one priority. We have made a few adaptations to our service to help ensure the safety of our community at this time. 

• ALL VAXXED UP: The majority of ManServants are fully vaccinated and will show their vaccinated cards upon request. Those unvaccinated are willing to take a rapid Covid test on site as needed.
• GENTLEMEN WEAR MASKS: Your ManServant will be wearing a mask or face covering upon introduction and will take your lead on mask protocols for your particular event. Please set clear expectations with him, as every party is different. 
• ELEVATED HYGIENE STANDARDS: Your ManServant will uplevel his hygiene and sanitization routine, washing his hands for 20 seconds under hot water as often as he can and/or sanitize with antibacterial whenever possible. Please have disinfectant or antibacterial soap on hand.

• STAY SAFE: If anyone in your group is feeling sick or gets a fever, please cancel your event immediately. You will receive a full refund with no questions asked. 

Is this real?

Yup, this a real service. We deliver dream men as party entertainment. An experience designed for women by women, a ManServant is a gentleman sent to treat ladies like queens. You book him directly on our website.

What occasions can I have a ManServant for?

Event Staffing or Private Parties such as birthdays, bachelorettes, bridal events, baby showers, office parties, launch events, red carpets, and charity galas.

What does he do?

Each ManServant is trained in our Signature Service, which includes, but is not limited to, pouring drinks, serving compliments and adoration, taking photos, and waiting on you hand and foot.

How much does this cost?

Our website will give you an active quote so you can play around with the different hours for your event, including a 3% processing charge. Our Cancellation Policy is one week for a full refund. 

What’s up with the two-hour minimum?

Driving sometimes two hours round-trip for a one-hour event can be a bummer so most of our ManServants will only accept bookings for two-hour events. Plus our clients always wish they booked for longer to give him more time to do his thing.

Transportation Fees?

ManServants will travel outside of Los Angeles with a transportation fee to cover travel time and gas mileage. Fees are available on the booking page. 

Are ManServants available in my city?

ManServants serve New York/Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Palm Springs. We may be able to accommodate to surrounding areas up to an hour away with a transportation fee, per availability.

Can guys get them too?

If it breathes, ManServants can serve it.

About The Men

Do I get to see my ManServant before my event?

Please note, we wont tell you who’s been casted. After all, the surprise is half the fun. Not to worry, all our ManServants are heavily vetted & high caliber talent. See our Instagram for ManServants in action.

How do you vet ManServants?

All ManServants are screened with a rigorous background check that complies with all local, state, and federal laws and includes sex and criminal records. Then we screen them for 6 qualities: witty, charming, showmanship, empathy, feminists, and easy on the eyes. Training includes tattooing the Code of Chivalry onto their hearts, teaching emotional intelligence, as well as how to anticipate and approach a woman’s needs.

Why does he have a fake name?

All ManServants arrive in character, which are alter egos adopted just for your group. We do this to protect their identity, and because it’s live-action role-play. He’s not Michael, a start up bro from San Francisco; he’s Jarvis, here to make your dreams come true.

What's he going to wear?

While it can be a tragedy to cover the bodies on these men, there’s nothing sexier than a man in a suit. The signature ManServant look is a tuxedo or slim dark suit with a branded pocket square and optional bowtie. He carries a fan wherever he goes.

What if I want him to wear something else?

If your event is a pool party or a steamy summer soiree, he may arrive in his casual daywear- clean shorts and a button up with a swimsuit in tow. If you’re hosting a themed party, you may provide your ManServant with an accessory to incorporate into his look. Ex: Throwing a luau? Hand him a lei.

Rules & Boundaries

Can he be my date?

ManServants are not intended to be dates to weddings or take you out to dinner. Adoration is best with a crowd, so we limit our services from one-on-one events. So get the girls together and have some fun. You deserve it.

Can he make my ex jealous?

A ManServant is not intended to play a fake boyfriend or pretend to be a interested male companion. Again, we serve group events only. And he will always introduce himself to outsiders as his ManServant identity.

Is he going to strip?

Not that kind of service. This is sex-free, creep-free party entertainment. While many of our gentlemen are great dancers, they are not the lap dancing kind.

Will he clean my house, do some chores for me?

Light clean up and complying with special requests is part of the job, but when you're looking to spend $150 an hour, we'd advise you to look into professional cleaning services.

Special Requests

What can I ask him to do?

ManServants offer their special talents to adore the lady- may that be serenading, dancing, lady-lifting, conversing, bartending, or just getting the party started. Having said that, we truly believe that a ManServants’ job is to make everyone feel at ease, starting with himself, so a ManServant may turn down requests that make him feel uncomfortable.

What are some fun things other people have done?

He can call her Lady Lauren, give her piggy back rides if she’s tired of walking, a dirty dancing lift if that’s always been a dream of hers. He can also make an outrageous public proposal, get the entire restaurant to serenade her with Happy Birthday. The creativity is endless.

Can he cook for us?

He’s more of a host than a gourmet chef. He can play grill master, prepare simple dishes, set the table, and clean up the mess. Tell us exactly what you'd like him to do in your booking details to better prepare him. And it's BYOS: Bring Your Own Supplies.

Can he drive us around?

Unfortunately, ManServants only know how to ride horseback, not cars. Although he won’t be able to DD you through Napa, he’s more than happy to secure your Lyft, take the front seat and play DJ.

Can I take him to an outside location like a bar?

Of course, as long as you look after him and have him back by midnight. Arrangements must be made to ensure your ManServant returns back to the event address by the end of his booking time, or you will be invoiced in the amount of his return transportation.

What service can he do at a bar?

He’s more than happy to secure a table, grab drinks (kindly start a tab and he will fetch drinks all night long) or even stand in line at the bathroom. Hey, you could even have him strike up a conversation with that hottie at the bar and make a suave introduction; think of him as part eye candy part wingman. A ManServant turns every setting into your personal VIP room.

What happens after you've booked

One Week Before

You’ll have one week prior to the event to revise your order. Please note, during high season, scheduling gets tricky so no guarantees. The sooner you lock in your details, the better.

The Day Before

You'll receive a text from us confirming your event and to go over last minute details. Then, the anticipation begins.

The Day Of Your Event

You'll receive a secure text from your lead ManServant. You can help us ensure his graceful, punctual arrival by giving us a heads-up if there are any barriers to entry, like a door code or security gate. If parking is tricky, please advise the best place for him to park or leave a spot open for him. If you’re at a hotel, please send your room number before or meet him in the lobby.

Oh no, we’re having trouble finding him. Are we wasting our hour?

Rest assured, the time of your event will not begin until your ManServant has connected with your group.

During The Event

How to get the most out of your ManServant:
  1. As soon as he arrives, he’ll make an introduction. After that, put him straight to work! He’s happy to jump right into tending bar or helping getting the party set up. It will allow him to get an idea of the space or vibe of your event and he’ll be able to get to work getting the party started.
  2. If you plan on having your ManServant tend bar (as 99.9% of our events do), try and stock the bar with what you’re planning on drinking—and don’t forget the mixers! Garnishes such as lemons, limes and fresh mint are also a nice touch that your ManServant will be able to put to good use! He’s also able to run around the corner and fetch some of these items upon arrival, but best to be prepared for his arrival!
  3. We encourage our clients to have a few activities planned, like a game around the bachelorette. The ManServant will be able to take the lead and host the game- and of course he’ll have a few tricks up his sleeve as well.
  4. Curious about the business? Ask us! No need to waste your precious pampering time asking him. While each ManServant is considered a brand ambassador, many of them don’t have every detail of how our business functions. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have- just email us questions to theladies@manservants.

What’s the overtime policy?

We charge $150/hr for overtime, pro-rated every 15 minutes. During our peak season, Summer & Spring, we're often fully booked and overtime won't be an option. But full disclosure, most clients wish they booked for longer because 2 hours goes by quickly when you’re being waited on hand & foot.

The Day After

Still thinking about your ManServants the next day?

Leave him a tip and leave feedback to tell us how it went. Or follow us on Instagram (shameless plug).

How does tipping work?

Services are performance-based, so if you feel like your ManServant went above and beyond to make your event unforgettable, free to offer gratuity. You can tip him in cash at your event or via Venmo. 


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