So you've been elected party planner and you're going to spoil your friends by getting a ManServant to do it for you. If you're wondering how this thing works, we got you. But why tell you ourselves when a ManServant can show you. Check out this video. Eye candy awaits.




Here's what to expect when booking a ManServant® experience.


You book

To lock in your ManServants, submit your reservation with your event details and full payment. If you don't have the exact address quite yet, you can email it as your event nears.


Your ManServant is Arriving

Your confirmation email will include all the details for your event. Day of, you'll receive a secure text from your lead ManServants. Give him entry details, like if there's a door code or room number.


The Magic happens

ManServants arrive in character, which are alter egoes they've adopted just for your group. His Signature Service includes, but is not limited to, pouring drinks, serving compliments and adoration, taking photos, and waiting on you hand and foot.


The Morning After

If your event is wrapping up and you'd like to extend service, you can purchase overtime (your ManServant will have the link, or here it is as well.) If you feel your ManServant went above and beyond, you can leave them a tip via Venmo.  

The ManServant® Experience

Signature Service | Starting at $575
Two Hours | Two ManServants | 9-24 Guests
Get the branded ManServant® experience: a doting, debonair double team that serves, adores, pampers, and entertains for the ultimate lady celebration. Perfect for bachelorettes, but we serve any sort of girl gathering from birthdays to book clubs.

Introduces himself to the party, with a special toast for the lady of honor

Mixes and serves drinks, ensuring no one’s glass is empty

Hosts a photoshoot, taking group photos as well as acting as the subject for Insta-worthy moments

Round-the-clock compliments and adoration

Plays host to party games you have planned

Palm Springs area: Add $100 for transportation fee ($50 per ManServant)


Have a small group? Learn more. 

Signature Service Lite | Two Hours | One ManServant | 2-8 guests $300

For smaller groups, we offer a lite version of our signature service.

One ManServant to adore, pamper, and entertain for the ultimate lady celebration.


First things first, what happens during an event?

Watch the video for an average Saturday in Palm Springs (and a client testimonial).

Where You At?

Want a ManServant in Palm Springs or a little outside a service area? Your ManServant will be there to serve you in selected areas with an additional transportation fee. We source talent from major cities, so you’re compensating for their travel time.

Click the image to your left for our full list of service territories.

So like, when am I going to see pictures of the guys?

All of our guys are babes, and finding out who you get is half of the fun. We will pair you with the ManServant best suited for your event. Please note, we won't tell you who’s been casted. For a sneak peek, check out our Instagram @manservants_co. Rest assured, all our ManServants are heavily vetted & high caliber talent.

If Not A Banana Hammock, Then What’s He Going To Wear?

We cannot stress this enough. Banana hammocks are never going to happen. His Signature look is a slim black suit, with a pocket square.

If it's hot out, he may arrive with black shorts and a tuxedo jacket. Sexy calves, bow chicka bow wow. If you’re having a pool party, he’ll bring a pair of swim trunks to change into so he can best serve you poolside.

If you’re having a themed party, you can add a touch of flair upon his arrival, but he’s keeping his suit on. More lei for a Hawaiian theme, less Gladiator suit.

What If We Love Him & Want Him For More Time?

If your ManServants have no other bookings, you may be able to extend your experience with our overtime rate of $200/hr (pro-rated every 15 minutes).

What's the deal with tipping?

While tipping is not required, if you feel your ManServant went above and beyond the call of duty, you may tip him in person or skip a trip to the ATM and include it in our feedback form the day after your event.

Still got questions?

Damn girl, you’re about the logistics. Get your fix in our FAQs