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By Broadly

In this episode, host Mish Way meets the people behind ManServants

By VideoPixie

Voted Best Start-Up Video of All Time

By Bustle

Idiotsitter' Stars Jillian Bell & Charlotte Newhouse Explain What Women Want — VIDEO

By Harper's Bazaar

Forget Strippers— The ManServant is the New Bachelorette Party Staple

By Time

My Glorious Evening With a ManServant

By Kathy Griffin

Amanda surprises Kathy Griffin with a gift on the late night show, Undone with Amanda de Cadenet (Lifetime).

By BuzzFeed

Bachelorette parties are about to get a whole lot classier

New York Magazine

Gift Guide, 2014. Print Edition.

By Refinery29

Need Some Instagram Love? These Dudes Can Help

By The Cut

My ManServant Conr Wrote This Post for Me

By The Skimm

That Must Be Nigel with the Brie

By The Huffington Post

ManServants For Hire Are Like Strippers, But So Much Better

Mashable Minute | With Elliott Morgan

ManServants: The Uber of Hot Dudes

By Mashable

Forget the turkey, ManServants is offering beefcake this holiday season

By TechCrunch

ManServant Will Let You Order Around Hot Men For $125 Per Hour

By Jezebel

What a Girl Wants: A Manservant to Cater to Her Every Whim

By Glamour

Meet the ManServants: These Guys Will Unbreak Your Heart Like It's Their Job

By The Guardian

Domestic gods: how a manservant could change your life

By Business Insider

ManServants lets you rent a man for $125 an hour to wait on you hand and foot — here's what it's like to use


Men, the Age of Women is Upon Us

By Women in the World, New York Times

5 ways ladies are stimulating the adult products industry


Unemployed Young Dude? Become a paid ManServant!

By Life&Style

This is Real: You Can Now Pay to Have a Hot Guy Compliment You on Instagram Thanks to ManServants!


Manservant: What women (and some men) really want

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